NDCG offers Financial Structuring and Feasibilty
Analysis to maximize your development objectives

NDCG can quickly review a proposed development and provided feedback on overall financial viability as well as offer alternative financing methods to maximize your development objectives. We are experienced in generating detailed financial projections that are formatted so that investors, lenders, stakeholders can understand and analyse the financing structureof the proposed development yet so can our clients, though their primary background and focus may not be real estate finance. On complex financing structures we pay special attention to the project’s “flow of funds” to ensure sufficient funding throughout the development and construction process and until permanent financing is in place.  Too often the timing of funding during the development is overlooked or inaccurately estimated.  These oversights or miscalculations can be disastrous to a development’s success at start up and throughout operations but can be avoided thru conservative planning and attentive record keeping.

Our Financial Structuring Expertise Runs Deep

Tax Increment Financing

NDCG has experience with TIF’s in the St. Louis area; we can assess the potential of utilizing the TIF and guide a development through the entire process.

Tax Abatement

NDCG can assist in application processing and negotiating the appropriate political and community support required for a speedy approval.

New Market Tax Credits

NDCG can assist in evaluating the financial viability of the tax credits and pull together the necessary team to guide the entire process to completion.

Conventional Financing

We can assist in obtaining conventional financing, prepare and send financial projections and formal loan request packets to commercial lenders.