We understand the necessary steps
in creating a thriving community

NDCG provides comprehensive planning of projects with multiple properties within a community by documenting the conditions and ownerships of potential redevelopment properties. We assess the strengths and weaknesses of the area and interview stakeholders and public officials to determine what redevelopment plans may be in place and how and where that community wishes to grow.

Depending on the project, NDCG can prepare and execute an acquisition strategy for site assembly,  capital improvement plans and a market and financial feasibility analysis of the project (or projects, if it is to be phased and completed over time). These plans and studies make the development roadmap, defining necessary objectives for the project, such as obtaining ordinances for tax abatement, zoning changes, street and alley vacations, etc.

As with single-property developments, NDCG’s expert staff helps to prepare complex applications and paperwork, secure financing and provide other services necessary for the success of multi-site redevelopment projects.

Example: The Hyde Park Neighborhood redevelopment (see map) is the result of comprehensive planning and specific actions required to develop Salisbury Park 1, 2, 3, Irving School, Eliot Apartments, Hyde Park South, and Bremen Homes.