ND Consulting Group upholds the highest standard
of housing development for all people.

ND Consulting Group has a diverse portfolio that showcases its many skills and capabilities. Each member of the NDCG team has brought with them unique backgrounds and areas of expertise, which has garnered immense growth for the firm throughout the years. From its inception and in its mission today, it has been ND Consulting Group’s goal to create housing that is distinctive, effective, and valuable to both its community and its residents.

Development Consulting

NDCG assists in the entire development process, including site selection, financial modeling, project design, building code and zoning issues, garnering community support, development team selection, preparing and processing applications to funding agencies, securing and negotiating with investors and lender, closing on project financing, monitoring construction progress and preparing developers to successfully operate the development, in accordance with community and financing commitment, once placed in service.

We Specialize in These Additional Services

Financial Structuring

NDCG can quickly review a proposed development and provided feedback on overall financial viability as well as offer alternative financing methods to maximize your development objectives. We are experienced in generating detailed financial projections that are formatted so that investors, lenders, stakeholders can understand and analyse the financing structureof the proposed development yet so can our clients, though their primary background and focus may not be real estate finance.

We Specialize in These Additional Services

Community Planning and Redevelopment

NDCG provides comprehensive planning of projects with multiple properties within a community by documenting the conditions and ownerships of potential redevelopment properties. We assess the strengths and weaknesses of the area and interview stakeholders and public officials to determine what redevelopment plans may be in place and how and where that community wishes to grow.

Depending on the project, NDCG can prepare and execute an acquisition strategy for site assembly,  capital improvement plans and a market and financial feasibility analysis of the project (or projects, if it is to be phased and completed over time). These plans and studies make the development roadmap, defining necessary objectives for the project, such as obtaining ordinances for tax abatement, zoning changes, street and alley vacations, etc.


NDCG has provided relocation services to a wide variety of projects, both commercial and residential. With its extensive experience in site assembly and relocation, NDCG is an expert with the guidelines required by the Uniform Acquisition and Relocation Act (URA), the State of Missouri’s Relocation Policy and the City of St. Louis’ relocation policy.

NDCG recognizes that acquisition can be a unique art form that must deal with the intricacies of following the URA requirements and assessing the needs of those individuals or businesses being relocated.

NDCG’s sister company Duffe-Nuernberger Realty is a member of the Commercial Information Exchange and the Multiple Listing Service, providing helpful tools to effectively relocate commercial and residential owners and tenants.